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LightFORMS - 2015




LightFORMS was composed and performed as part of the exhibition, Pure Feeling: Raymond Jonson in Albuquerque 1934-1978, at the University of New Mexico Art Museum in March 2015. The piece was intended for performance in the gallery space where several of Jonson's works were displayed. The concept for LightForms, which relies on a unique layered notational system and brief movements, or "Images," in three parts, is inspired by Jonson's aesthetic philosophies, characteristic visual ideas, and artistic methods throughout his career. Each of the notational systems presented in this work highlight various aspects of Jonson's art and philosophy resulting in different "ways of viewing" the artist and his works. Jonson cited music and sound as an inspiration for much of his art, and described techniques of translating sonic ideas into visual forms. LightForms pays tribute to this cross-media influence by translating visual ideas into sound and presenting visual images in the form of musical scores. 











During the performance of the piece, musicians (Alex Martin, alto saxophone; Lauren Coons, accordion; Ian Brody, cello;  Joseph Hay, viola; Christian Newman, drums/percussion) were positioned in the gallery space such that the audience was able to view the paintings as well as the unique layered transparency-film scores while listening.


An original copy of the LightFORMS score has been donated by the composer to the University of New Mexico Art Museum.

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