Without a Number or a Name

Fixed-media tracks from a dance theater piece co-created and performed with Romy Keegan as part of Tree Being: Resilience.




Fixed media electronics by Lauren Coons

Instrumental version performed by Clara Byom, clarinet, bass clarinet, accordion; Ian Brody, cello; Yakima Fernandez, violin

Commissioned by the University of New Mexico Art Museum



Bear Canyon Epitaphs

Ashely Alarcon, flute; Lauren V Coons, spoken word; Gabriela Garza, percussion

Christian Newman, piano; Christopher Ramos, horn; 

Jonathan Rodriguez, percusssion

Music, text, and photographs by Lauren V Coons



Fiesta por bulerias

Amy Rosendall, flute

Dancer and choreographer, Alice Blumenfeld
From "Vacío/Void," 2018. Abrepaso Flamenco.



Yasmeen Lookman, mezzo-soprano; Christian Newman, piano

Poem by: Caryn Lazzuri


How Shall I Wish You Strength?

Meagan Chandler, voice; Amy Rosendall, alto flute.
Text by Rachel Carson (from a correspondence between Carson and Dorothy Freeman)

From "Vacío/Void," 2018.


Runaway: Corrido e inditas para corno y guitarra

Christopher Ramos, horn; Lauren V. Coons, guitar



Christian Newman, piano; Orlando Madrid, saxophone; Micah Hood, trombone