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             Tree Being is an ongoing interactive art project in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Founded by composer Lauren V Coons in 2016, Tree Being invites members of the community to send her directions to any tree within an hour's drive of the city center that she and other local artists will then visit and create new individual and collaborative works based on their experiences. The project and the artworks made in conjunction with it not only touch on relevant topics of ecology and the environment, but encourages participants to explore new parts of the city and open space, to participate in the Albuquerque art scene, to enjoy the outdoors, and to spend time reflecting on the natural world and our local ecosystem.

             In the first installment of Tree Being, Coons visited 12 trees in the Albuquerque metro area, Algodones, Sandia Park, and parts of the Sandia Mountain and Rio Grande Bosque open space. These visits inspired fun online conversations through social media as well as new works by Coons in multiple mediums as well as collaborations with local musicians and the Abrepaso Flamenco dance company.

            In the 2019 “re-launching,” Coons invites members of the community to contribute directions to more local trees. This new batch of trees will be visited by a number of artists in different mediums including musicians, dancers, and visual artists who will work individually and collaboratively to create new pieces to be showcased at a performance and art exhibition in Fall 2019. The Albuquerque public will also be invited to contribute artworks of their own and to participate in the exhibition and performance in various ways.

            If you are interested in learning more about Tree Being, have artwork of your own that you would like to share, are an artist who is interested in participating, or want to get in touch with us, you can find us on Facebook at:

Or send an email to:

" memories of trees, manifest in their songs, tell of life's community, a net of relations. We humans belong within this conversation, as blood kin and incarnate members.

To listen is therefore to hear our voices and those of our family."


-David George Haskell, The Songs of Trees




Directions submitted by members of the Albuquerque community
Photographs by Lauren V Coons
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