Selected Works:


A Cup of Flowing Water - 2019

Four performative sculptures for flutist and percussionist. Composed for Wave Dash (Magdalena Meitzner and Camilla Hiotenga) to be premiered at the 2020 John Donald Robb Composers’ Symposium.

Without a Number or a Name - 2019

For two dance theater performers and fixed-media electronics composed in collaboration with Romy Keegan as part of the Tree Being: Resilience series.

Faulty Trail 195 - 2019

For two performers (clarinet, spoken or sung word, and movement). Composed for Clara Byom as part of the Tree Being: Resilience series.

Bird of Paradise - 2019

For dance, clarinet, and bass clarinet. Music and choreography by Lauren Coons.

Prescription - 2019

A collaborative piece for percussion, accordion, banjo, voice, and dance. Co-composed and choreographed by Sonia Bologa and Sabine Shannon. Composed and performed as part of Albuquerque’s Hear Here Festival. 

Transfigurations - 2019

Fixed-media electronics and instrumental trio for performance and installation. Premiered as part of the 2019 John Donald Robb Composers’ Symposium. Commissioned by the University of New Mexico Art Museum.

Vacío (Void) - 2018

Flute, and mezzo-soprano, movement score for dance. Commissioned by Abrepaso Flamenco dance company. Choreography by Alice Blumenfeld.

Cabezon - 2017

For solo violin and amplified clay pots. Commissioned by Yakima Fernandez.

Rebel Etudes Nos. 1, 2, 3 - 2016

Images for guided improvisation

Runaway: Corrido e Inditas para corno y guitarra - 2016

Duet for french horn and guitar. Commisioned by Christopher Ramos. 

John Cage, Dream  (Choreography)- 2016

Choreographed and danced by Lauren V. Coons; musical performance by Jonathan Rodriguez, Vibraphone.

Tunnel Home - 2015

Fixed-media electronics, singing bowl, and dance. Choreography by Lauren V. Coons.

I Am Because We Are - 2015

 A Collaborative piece for percussion, violin, vocals, and dance. Choreography by Ariel Burge.

Instagramophone - 2015

A collaborative piece for social media.

 Sonic Pathways - 2015

For two conductors and large instrumental ensemble. Composed for the UNM Health Sciences Center Orchestra.


LightForms - 2015

For accordion, alto saxophone, viola, cello, and percussion. Commissioned by the University of New Mexico Art Museum.


Bear Canyon Epitaphs - 2014

A performance piece for five musicians, spoken poetry, and projected images. Winner of the 2016 Scott Wilkinson Composition Competition. Performed at the 2016 John Donald Robb Composers' Symposium.

Granite and Butterflies - 2014

Fixed-media electronics.


Alice - 2014

A collaborative piece for cello, viola, piano, and dance. Choreography by Kelsey Paschich.

La Madera - 2014

For string quartet, oboe, and accordion.


À laube - 2014

Duet for two guitars.


Oliver’s Picture Book - 2014

For clarinet, tenor saxophone, euphonium, violin, cello, and percussion.

Monarchs - 2013

For mezzo-soprano and piano. Text by Caryn Lazzuri.

Mountain Song - 2013



Nakshatras - 2012

For piano, alto saxophone, and trombone.

The Fire - 2011

For SATB chorus

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