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10 participant limit. First come, first served. (subject to change depending on state and studio COVID guidelines)

Enter your name in the poll and check the dates that you would like to attend


Cash, check, Venmo, or Paypal accepted.

Pay before or after class

VENMO @laurenvcoons

Enjoy the many physical and mental benefits of meditation and mindfulness and the joy of nurturing and expressive movement practices all in one fun, relaxing, and accessible class. Each class will consist of guided meditations focused on mind-body and movement awareness, mindful stretching and strengthening exercises, and creative and expressive dance and movement exercises. If you are…

  • Someone who wants to enjoy the benefits of meditation and mindfulness but has a hard time sitting still and meditating

  • Interested in a relaxing and uplifting dance and movement experience

  • Looking to improve your awareness of sensations in your body or use mindfulness as an additional method to help manage pain or discomfort in the body

  • Interested in new ways of building a positive relationship with your body

  • Interested in improving your awareness of how your body moves and feel more in control of your movement

  • Looking to increase your strength, flexibility, and other areas of fitness in a fun and nurturing environment

  • A performer looking to practice or improve your concentration and awareness in performance and/or gain some useful skills for improvisation and creativity

  • A person with a body who loves to move


… Then this may be a perfect class for you!


No previous knowledge experience with dance, other movement practices, or meditation necessary. All bodies are welcome. If you have a disability or physical limitation that you think may require accessibility needs or that you would like the instructor to be aware of, please feel free to email Lauren Coons at lvcoons@gmail. Class activities may be modified or designed to suit the needs of the participants who are present.

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