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5:00 - 6:00 PM MT

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“Change happens through movement and movement heals.”

~ Joseph Pilates


Start strengthening and balancing your body and mind from the ground up by learning the essential classical Pilates mat exercises and challenging yourself with new, contemporary exercises, too. A great class for the beginning student looking to discover the many benefits of Pilates and for the intermediate student striving to perfect form and increase skill. This low-impact class incorporates all of the key principals of Pilates such as postural alignment, breathing, core stability, controlled movement, and flexibility. Led by a certified Pilates instructor who provides individualized attention to participants and appropriate modifications for each student’s ability.


The movement principles of Pilates consist of breathing, balanced muscle development, concentration, control, centering, precision, and rhythm. Some of the many benefits that Pilates offers are:


  • Tones and strengthens all of the major muscle groups, especially the core.

  • Improves posture and balance; focus on proper alignment.

  • Heightens body awareness.

  • Increases flexibility and range of motion.

  • Prevents injury; decreases back, neck and joint pain.

  • Creates ease of movement in everyday life.

  • Promotes relaxation and the release of tension

Pilates differs from traditional strength training in that it utilizes multiple muscle groups simultaneously, versus focusing on one group. The core (the muscles from underneath the shoulder blades and around the ribcage to the hips and pelvis) is always engaged in tandem with other arm or leg muscles, which creates stability and a strong foundation.

Pilates is an excellent supplement to supplement an existing exercise regimen of strength training or cardiovascular routine. It is especially ideal for dancers and athletes of all kinds as well as actors, singers, and instrumental musicians.

Supplies and attire: bring an exercise mat (yoga mats are fine, but you may prefer a Pilates mat or thicker exercise mat). Wear clothing that will allow for a full range of motion and is form-fitting enough that it will not get in your way and will allow the instructor to observe your alignment. Class is done barefoot or with non-slip yoga/Pilates socks for safety and effectiveness (unless you have a medical or other reason to require specific footwear).

PLEASE NOTE: If you have an injury or chronic muscular or skeletal issue (particularly of the neck, back, or knees), osteoporosis, or are pregnant, please consult with your physician before taking class to make sure that Pilates is an appropriate exercise for you, and let the instructor know of your condition so that appropriate modifications can be made to insure a safe and enjoyable experience.

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