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Guitar and Composition Lessons


In my teaching, I often introduce students to the fundamentals of classical and popular guitar styles so that they may follow their interests wherever they may lead. I focus not only on proper playing technique, but on building an understanding of the instrument, it's parts, sounds,and  repertoire. Students will be able to confidently tune and care for their instrument, read several styles of musical notation (including standard notation and tablature), and feel confident improvising and creating their own musical sounds and works. My own instrumental emphasis  is primarily in the classical style, but I am happy to create lessons which include other styles and to recommend other studies and teachers for students wose interests extend beyond my expertise.



I offer composition lessons to students of all ages, experience levels, and instrumental or vocal backgrounds. Lessons may be in addition to instrumental lessons with another teacher or institution, or taken on their own. If a student does not play an instrument prior to taking composition lessons, some introduction to guitar and/or piano will be included as part of the curriculum. My focus in composition lessons is twofold: (1) to understand the fundamentals of composing in the western art music style (2) finding a unique way of expressing the student's own creativity. This might include composing in popular or other musical styles, exploration of sounds, or including other forms of art or expression.


             Hour lesson: $40 - $50 sliding scale

             Half-hour lesson: $30 -  $40 sliding scale

            *cost may be negotiated for semi-private lessons, multiple lessons per week, or special circumstances. 


If you are interested in lessons, please email me at or leave a brief message below:

I offer guitar and composition lessons to students of all ages in the Albuquerque area.

I am committed to a highly personalized style of teaching in which every lesson is specially designed to meet the needs and interests of the student. This often includes studies composed for or with the student, musical games, movement or language-based exercises, songwriting and composing projects, and music theory studies. My goal is not only to provide students with the skills to play the guitar or write their own music, but to build a foundation of deep musical knowledge that will allow them to follow any musical paths or interests that they may have now or in the future.

I strongly believe that happy, relaxed students learn better and I aim to create a friendly and fun musical environment which reflects that. Through our studies I share with my students the joys of sound, the experience of creativity and expression, the rewards of focused work, and some of the ways in which music can enrich our lives.


I also believe that music is for everyone and that music education should be accessible. I am happy to tailor lessons and the learning environment to accommodate and work with a student's unique needs or challenges, be they physical, intellectual, emotional, social, etc. 


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Adult Contemporary Dance

contemporary class flyer.jpg

A fun and welcoming class for dancers of all levels and backgrounds. Adult Contemporary Dance combines contemporary techniques with jazz, modern, and various other dance styles. In every class we will work on improving our strength and flexibility as well as our knowledge of various dance techniques, and move together through fun and expressive choreography in a body-positive environment that is all about experiencing the joy of movement!pressive choreography in a body-positive environment that is all about experiencing the joy of movement!

Saturdays 11:00 AM – 12:30 PM

Maple Street Dance Space

3215 Central Ave NE


$10 drop-in. No registration required.

For more information visit

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